Microsoft Visio 2013: Part 2

Course Number: ELK91-115ol_rev1.0

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Facilitator: Shadrack Mthembu

Hours: 8:00 am — 3:30pm

Microsoft Visio stands out among similar applications because of its unique ability to draw a wide variety of diagrams, flowchartsm workflows, and organisation structures - anything that can be represented by shapes connected by lines. Most importantly, these shapes can be rearranged and with corresponding lines remaining intact. In Part 1, you learned the basic skills needed to create and modify various Visio drawings. Part 2, you will learn about more advanced features - making you a more efficient and effective Visio user.

The target student for this course is a graphic designer, subject matter specialist, or other knowledge worker with basic Visio skills.

  • Enhance the look of drawings
  • Create shapes, stencils, and templates
  • Connect drawings to external data

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