Wholesale and Retail Operations

Accreditation: ID 49397, NQF Level 4, Credits 120 , W&R SETA

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Accreditation: ID 49397, NQF Level 4, Credits 120, W&R SETA

Duration:12 Months

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The purpose of this Certificate qualification is to equip learners to understand and acquaint themselves with the principles of supervision and team leadership within the Wholesale & Retail sector. Supervision in this context includes all activities ensuring the achievement of desired results and the correct implementation of prescribed policies, procedures and activities. The Certificate thus aims to build capacity and improve skills at lower management level in the Wholesale and Retail sector thus ensuring the development of competence and increased service delivery in this field. This qualification is rooted in actual practice and the learner is expected to be part of a public or private organisation and/or company operating in the area.

  • Supervise stock counts and sales performance
  • Supervise housekeeping and loss control measures
  • Describe and apply team leadership and team motivation
  • Describe and apply the management functions of an organisation, including an understanding of Primary Labour Legislation